Find out why Satan hates the Brown Scapular

Among the several sacramentals of the Catholic Church, the Brown Scapular is one of the most popular ones. Brown Scapular is a piece of brown cloth which is worn around the shoulders and fosters a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and his mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

All over the history it has aided a countless number of Christian souls and has proven to be a powerful defense against Satan. According to a story, “ One day, the scapular of a man called Francis fell off.

As he replaced it back the devil howled, ‘Take off the habit which takes away so many souls from us!’ Then and there Francis made the devil know that there are three things which the demons are most afraid of: the Holy Name of Jesus, the Holy Name of Mary, and the Holy Scapular of Carmel.”

As an example of the sacramental power of the scapular to “snatch” souls from the devil, St. Peter Claver used the Brown Scapular during his missionary adventures. Every month “a shipment of 1,000 slaves would get at Cartegena, Colombia, South America.

St. Peter used to guarantee the salvation of his U.N. On the first note, he organized catechists to give them instructions. Then, he saw to it that they got baptized and clothed with the Scapular. Some ecclesiastics blamed the Saint of indiscreet zeal, but St. Peter was confident that Mary would watch over each of his more than 300,000 converts!”

These and some other stories echo what various exorcists have experienced. A famous exorcist known as Fr. Gabriele Amorth revealed that the devil said to him during an exorcism, “I become more afraid whenever you say the Madonna’s name, because I become more humiliated by being beaten by a simple creature, than by Him.”

On a consequent times, when the wearing of a Brown Scapular takes a person to develop a “habit” of faith, it becomes a very strong defense against Satan as it leads a person closer to the Virgin Mary, whom the devil vehemently detests.

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