Find out why Paul VI, saint of healing unborn babies is celebrated each May 29

Pope Francis, as agreed to the petitions and desires of the People of God, has decreed that the celebration of Pope Saint Paul VI, should be put into the Roman Calendar on 29 May with the rank of optional memorial.

The date however recognizes the anniversary of priestly ordination of this Pope Paul VI (1897-1978), who was elected as pope in 1963.

And he was canonized by Pope Francis on October.

Paul VI is mostly known for bringing the Second Vatican Council to its completion and his encyclical on artificial contraception, Humane Vitae, which was published in 1968 notes, “He exercised his Supreme Magisterium favouring peace, promoting the progress of peoples and the inculturation of the faith, also as the liturgical reform, approving Rites and prayers at once in line with tradition and with adaptation for a new age. With his authority he made known, the Calendar, the Missal, the Liturgy of the Hours, the Pontifical and nearly all of the Ritual for the Roman Rite with the purpose of promoting the active participation of the faithful in the Liturgy,”

The Church indeed appreciated him, for his constant love, his principal concern, the object of constant reflection, the first and most fundamental thread of his whole pontificate.

Pope Paul VI wished nothing other that the Church would have a greater knowledge of herself so as to be ever more effective in proclaiming the Gospel.

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