Find out the Ultimate Mystery of the Body and Blood of Jesus

As many people may go to church just for the social benefits, unfortunately, we are all a nation of disbelievers. If people would believe that the Creator of the Universe is present in the Eucharist night and day, and we could talk to Him there with unlimited access, then the chapel would be filled. And we’d be treating Christ like a rock star.

Though, the problem is that we are asked to believe in an Invisible God.
Our present culture wants God to make Himself small enough for our minds to know Him.

The unbelievers of today remind us of those passing by the Crucifixion who wanted Jesus to come down from the cross.

As God replied to Moses, I am who I am, which is not a trick answer. It is only in the presence of God that we hear the Whisper the Saints have heard, which is the Voice of God.

So, what actually happens when we spend time before the Blessed Sacrament is that we become changed, just as the bread and wine are being changed by the words of Jesus into His real Body and Blood and we become open to the will of God.

Peradventure, Jesus coming to us in the forms of bread and wine is difficult to understand.
Let’s try this,
Is the smallest seed that is planted into soil and then produces food for us to eat any easier to understand than Christ giving Himself to us in the forms of bread and wine?

Let’s remember that we didn’t make the seed that we plant. Still it gives us food for strength and growth if we cultivate it, just as the Body and Blood of Jesus gives eternal life to those that eat it.
The invisible is not less real just that our senses fail to see it.

We see ourselves getting attracted to goodness because in us is a soul that has been created for goodness. We long for something other than what we have now because we are lacking love, and we can only find true love if we find God.

Happiness is only found within God alone. We are also transformed in the same mysterious way that the bread and wine at Mass become the Body and Blood of Jesus.

In Jesus Christ’s gift of Himself we are given the antidote to sin and death. Though, the power involved may be unseen, but it is no less transforming. Without the Body and Blood of Jesus we could not be saved. God is always with us in every tabernacle at every Catholic church.

All Nations, Come let us adore Him!


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