Find out how to read the Bible when you don’t know where to start

The Holy Bible is among the best selling books of all time, and a huge number of people in Western countries own a copy of it.

However, with few people relatively spend the time they should with it.
In facts, one of the reasons behind this reality is that the Bible is not like any other book you might have in your library.

And it isn’t formatted like modern novels and it spans numerous literary genres.

In addition to that, many who do open the Holy Bible too quickly put it down, being confused by the ancient language and unable to discern a particular “storyline.”

Moreover, reading the Bible doesn’t have to be as difficult as this. In fact, the Bible can be read in numerous ways which can bring the Word of God to life in the reader, and truly changing a person’s heart.

First of all, start with the Gospels

Reading the entire Bible seems discouraging, so first of all open the Gospels. The gospel can be much easier to grasp and the names and episodes within them are more familiar. Particularly, start with the Gospel of Mark, which is the shortest Gospel.

Reading the Gospel of Mark can give you a sense of accomplishment as well as an interest to see how the other Gospel writers would narrate the life of Jesus.

Numerous Christians will simply read through all four Gospels over and over again, digging deeper into the heart of Jesus and his message.

For a reader who doesn’t know where and how to start, the Gospels might be the perfect place.

Reading the Bible according to the “Bible Timeline”

The interesting part of the “Bible Timeline” is that it dissects the Gospel and bring out the storyline that begins in Genesis and ends in the New Testament.

Reading the Bible in this way gives you a chance to “skip” some of the more confusing parts of the Bible and get at the “core” story of salvation history.
In that case, if you want to understand the Bible better and how its organized, this is probably one of the best ways to get a full picture of it.

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