Find out how much the Blessed Mother loves her spiritual children

According to the Gospel of St. John (John 19:26), while Jesus was upon the cross, He gave his mother to “the disciple whom he loved”.

As most scholars believe this to be a reference to St. John the Apostle specifically, theologians however, refer to this passage and explain how Jesus was giving his mother to all of humanity, especially to Christian disciples.

This come to mean that the Blessed Mother was destined not only to become the mother of Jesus, but also to become the Mother of All the Living, and the new “Eve” in a spiritual sense.

Mary was however, transformed into a spiritual mother who looks tenderly upon us all, desiring that we draw closer to her Son.

According to St. Louis de Montfort, an 18th-century priest, a devotee to the Virgin Mary, explained the depths of her love to her spiritual children in his book True Devotion to Mary.

He explains how much the Blessed Mother loves her spiritual children, particularly those who surrender themselves to her and become her faithful servants.

Mary loves her children tenderly, more tenderly than all the mothers in the world together. Take out the maternal love of all the mothers of the world for their children. And pour all that love into the heart of one mother for an only child.

That motherly love would certainly be immense. Still, the love of Mary for each of her children has more tenderness than the love of that mother for her child.

As Mary is united to her Son in Heaven, She is capable of a love that is difficult to imagine here on earth. Because, she loves us much more than we can possibly imagine and she wishes to lead us along the path of life.

Moreover, St. Louis de Montfort describes what exactly the Virgin Mary wants to do as a loving mother of us, who are her spiritual children.

Mary, as the Star of the sea, guides all her faithful servants into safe harbor. She leads them through the path of eternal life and helps them avoid dangerous pitfalls. She takes them by the hand along the path of holiness, steadies them when they are liable to fall and helps them rise when they have fallen.

She admonishes them like a loving mother when they have mistaken and sometimes she chastises them lovingly. So, the big question is this, how could a child that follows such a mother and such an enlightened guide as Mary take the wrong path to heaven?

For those who want to get closer to Jesus Christ, one of the most effective ways is to let the Virgin Mary lead you. For she knows the Way better than anyone else and can provide us safe passage, and she will protect us as any loving mother would want to do.

Do not forget the immensity of the love she has for you and allow her to lead you to her Son, who is the source of all love.

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