Excellent Resources For Young Catholic

Young people are no longer convinced with Sunday-school-style catechism rather they desire to learn their faith and apply it to the world around them.

I’ve compiled a list of groups, blogs, apps and tweets I consider to be really helpful.

They Include:

Young Voices

I’d be negligent not to mention National Catholic Reporter‘s own endeavor at raising up the voices of young Catholics. NCR is worthy of special credit for being one of the only mainstream Catholic news sources bestowing young people such a eminent seat at the table.

Young ADULT columnist

Mike Sweitzer-Beckman, one of NCR‘s Young Voices columnists and a co-founder of Young Adult Catholics, does a wonderful job at coupling a theological background with real-world commentary. He’s put together a wonderfully talented group of writers who share their personal stories and individual faith commentary.


Millenial Journal

In various ways, Millennial Journal perfectly shows the future of young intellectuals in the church. They perfectly weave together current events and the Catholic intellectual tradition and have assembled quite an impressive group of commentators. The journal is a project of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and follows its tradition of finding real-world practicality to Catholic theology.

I Got Jesus App

Well, it’s not Catholic per se, but it can be a crucial tool for the over-extended collegiate Catholic. Many of my peers have a hard time setting aside time in the day to pray or mediate. Fear no more! You can keep track of the time you pray, take notes of your desires and take notes. When you’re done, ensure to hit “Amen” to log out!


Mea Culpa

Obviously, I understand it’s hard to rank your sins and plan out your time in the confessional. Fear no more, and sinners, take notice! This useful little app enables you go through a list of sins and how they enhance your spiritual life.


Dating God

In as much as is not entirely reserved for young Catholics, this blog is one of my favorites. Daniel Horan is one of those hip young priests that the new evangelization dreams of. His blog is simple to read, based on everyday life and strong on theological background. It also covers such a wide array of topics, you never can tell what you’re going to get.


The Catholic Apostolate Center

Center’s website is a great resource for anyone looking to elaborate their knowledge of the faith. Anything you’re searching for — and even some stuff you didn’t know you were looking for — can be found under their resource section. They also have some great webinars concentrating on the new evangelization.

Whispers in the Loggia

In as much as is not written for young people, it’s written by a young person. Rocco Palmo has come forth as a powerful insider reporting on the church and the individuals who lead it. His efforts show how young Catholics are using the Internet to add transparency and annotations to the church.

I’m certain I missed some individuals and groups along the way, kindly add them in the comments beneath. What is your preferred resource for young Catholics?

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