Do you want a peaceful parting from this world? Pray this prayer to Mary

The Virgin Mary is highly dedicated to drawing us closer to her Son, Jesus. And she does this so very much during our short lives on earth and she is always ready to commend our souls to Heaven when it is our time to depart for eternity.

As we are unaware of when that time will come, it is always appropriate to always pray for a “happy death.” And one way to do that is to entrust our death to the Virgin Mary and to let her take care of our souls.

As death may seem far-off, life is however, too short to not prepare in some way for our final parting.

So, below is one simple prayer composed by St. Bonaventure for a peaceful parting from this world and to place our souls in the arms of our loving Mother.

Holy Virgin, I beseech you, when my soul shall depart from my body, be pleased to meet and receive it.
Mother Mary, do not deprive me then the grace of being sustained by your sweet presence. Be the ladder and the way to heaven for me, and finally grant me the assurance of pardon and eternal rest. Amen.

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