Do you need peace, presence of God, and holiness? Here’s a one-moment solution for you.

The season of Easter recalls the 40 days that the Lord Jesus spent with the apostles after He rose from the death and the nine days of prayerful waiting for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord is Risen and that actually means something to us and to the twists and turns of our everyday lives.
Resurrection faith challenges us to see the arrangements of divine providence here and now.

The Resurrection also reasserts us that all things owe their nature, reality, and strength to the will of God. Because God cares for creation. God also has a unique and intimate love for humanity, as the crown of his creation.

Realizing the love of the Risen Christ, we are invited every day to realize how God beautifully arranges all things so that we are provided for and given all the necessary means to live as the Lord Jesus lived, surrendering to divine Providence wherever it takes us, even in the center of suffering and heartache and also to generously follow the most excellent way of love.

The present moment, therefore, is the best opportunity to grow in our understanding of God’s goodness and care for us. This is the essence of our abandonment to divine providence.
Our abandonment, however terrifying that word might be to most of us, is an act of faith in God’s fatherly care for us. And so, we are called to be right here and right now!

This present moment, which is taken up by the grace and glory of the Resurrection, gives us glimpses of and points us to eternity constantly.

And this moment is where God wants us to be, where he seeks to meet us, and he has moved heaven and earth for us to be at this appointed time and at this specific place with him.

As the light of Resurrection shines upon the present moment, faith further presents the duties of our lives in a positive and sanctifying way. Moreover, they may sometimes feel mundane, which our everyday duties and commitments are the common means to holiness.

In other words, we are summoned to embrace these tasks, perform them virtuously, and find God in the midst of them.

Faith pushes us gently through life. It also flashes the glory of the Resurrection before us. It however, inspires us.
The process of abandoning ourselves to divine providence is both demanding and consoling. It is gentle still firm toward us; one movement takes us to the other so that each of us knows how to abandon ourselves and dwell within the abundant of God providence.

Resurrection is shown, in the splendor of its light, the beautiful and life-transforming sacramental power of the present moment.

Through doing our part, fulfilling our duties, and seeing the presence of God in all things, we are presented with a Resurrection peace that is beyond any comprehension in this world.

Are we going to accept the call, in order to surrender to divine providence? Are we going to focus on the Resurrection and seek the peace that only Jesus Christ can give us?

This is actually the invitation of the Easter Season. The peace of God awaits!

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