Do our Guardian Angels have access to our thoughts?

Catholics and many Christians do believe in the existence of Guardian Angels, whom God has appointed to protect and guide us during our journey here on earth.

And one of the questions that comes along with this belief is regarding the ability of angels to know our thoughts.

So the questions is, are they able to enter into our mind and read our secret thoughts?

The short answer is no.

Guardian Angels have not been given special access to our thoughts, whereby they force themselves into our mind.

Only God has the capacity to know exactly what is going on in our mind, as he is the creator and sustainer of all of us. St. Thomas Aquinas explains this clearly in his Summa Theologiae, “What is proper to God does not belong to the angels” (I, 57, 4).

Meanwhile, as angels are not given unrestricted access to our thoughts, we can reveal to them our thoughts in a spiritual way.

According to a philosopher, Peter Kreeft, writes in his book, Angels and Demons, that you can “want to reveal your thoughts and your secrets to your Guardian Angel only by talking to him, as you would talk (pray) to a human saint in heaven or a friend on earth.”

In some cases we need to be the one who reveals our thoughts to our Guardian Angel.
Our Guardian Angels have very intelligent minds and they are experts at the art of observation, much better than us. This totally means that even though they do not have access to our thoughts without our consent, they can as well observe us and have a supernatural ability to know what we are thinking by just being with us.

In the other hand, St. Thomas Aquinas as well explains this when he writes, “For thought is sometimes discovered not just by outward act, but also by change of countenance; as doctors can tell some passions of the soul by the mere pulse” (I, 57, 4).

So, if we want our Guardian Angel to truly know us and also know our hidden secrets, we need to talk to them on a regular basis. In this way, our Guardian Angels will be better prepared to protect us and guide us to life everlasting.

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