Daily Practices and Prayers Every Catholic Should Learn

1. On waking up, after having made the Sign of the Cross

My God! I worship You, I love you with my whole heart. I thank You for all Your rewards, particularly for having preserved me during the past night. I offer You all my actions and sufferings of this day, in union with the actions of Jesus and Mary; and I make the intention of gaining all the indulgences that I can receive. I purpose, O Lord! to stop offending You this day, particularly.

It is good to make a resolution, particularly about the flaws into which we fall the most occasionally.

I beseech You, for the love of Jesus, to give me the grace of perseverance. I resolve to conform myself to Your holy will, and especially in those things that are contrary to my inclination, saying always, O Lord! Your will be done. My Jesus, keep Your hand over me this day! Most Holy Virgin Mary, take me beneath your mantle. And do You, O Eternal Father, assist me for the love of Jesus and Mary! O my angel guardian and my holy patron saints, assist me.

Say the Our Father, Hail Mary, Creed; three Hail Marys: in honor of the purity of Mary.

2. At the Commencing of Work or Study

O Lord! I offer You this work.

3. When the Clock Strikes

My Jesus, I love You; never permit me to offend You again, and let me never be separated from You.

4. In adverse circumstances

O Lord since You have so willed it, I will it also.

5. In Time of Temptation

Frequent invocation of the holy names of Jesus and Mary.

6. When conscious or doubtful of having sinned, say at once:

O my God! I repent of having offended You. O Infinite goodness! I will do so no more.

And if you should sin grievously, ensure to go for confession as soon as possible. Before going to rest in the evening thank God for all the favors you have received then make an examination of conscience.

Afterward, ensure the Christian acts in the following manner:

Act of Faith 

O my God, who art infallible truth, because You have revealed it to Your Church, I believe all that she proposes to my belief I believe that You art my God, the Creator of all things; that You do reward the just with an eternal paradise, and do punish the wicked in hell for all eternity. I believe that You art one in essence, and three in persons, namely, Father, Son, And Holy Ghost. I believe in the Incarnation and death of Jesus Christ. I believe, in fine, all that the Holy Church believes. I thank You for having made me a Christian; and I protest that I will live and die in this holy faith.

Act of Hope

O my God, confiding in Your promises, because You art powerful, faithful, and merciful, I hope through the merits of Jesus Christ to obtain pardon of my sins, final perseverance, and the glory of paradise.

Act of Love and Contrition

O my God, because You art infinite goodness, worthy of infinite love, I love You with all my heart above all things; and for the love of You I love my neighbor also. I repent with all my heart and am sorry above all things for all my sins because by them I have offended Your infinite goodness. I resolve, by the help of Your grace, which I beseech You to grant me now and always, rather to die than ever to offend You again. I purpose, also, to receive the holy Sacraments during my life, and at the hour of my death.




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