Baptism – A Pass Gate To Heaven

The effect of Baptism is to remit both original and actual sin as well as all guilt and punishment which they incur. No perfect penalization should be enjoined for past sins upon those that are newly baptized. Hence, those that die just after the sacrament of baptism are admitted to the glory of God at once. The effect of baptism, therefore, is the opening of the gates of paradise. In baptism, all sins are uprooted and obliterated together with their sins and deadly eternal consequences. And the person, in turn, becomes reconciled to God. Those who are baptized especially with holy water becomes citizens and members of the Body of Church in the Mystical Body of Christ which is actually formed through baptism.

It is beautiful when a Christian embraces their baptism because the sacrament of baptism has inexhaustible power. Absolutely, those who call themselves “Born Again” often quote John 3:3. Which says “Therefore, if a Man is not Born again, he can not see the kingdom of God. But they always fail to note John 3:5 – Except a Man be Born of Spirit and Water, he can not enter the kingdom of God. A Baptized Catholic is not supposed to be re-baptized because it is an Error against baptism. Against such act is written: “One faith, one baptism.

Who is to render baptism?

The minister of the sacrament of baptism is a priest, whose office it is to baptize. However, not only a priest but also any layperson, even a pagan or a heretic, can baptize as long as he observes the form specified by the Church and wants to act according to the intention of the Church. If someone is baptized by these not in a very case essentially, he received the Sacrament and must not again be baptized; but the grace of baptism is not received, because such people are not truly delegated to baptize outside of cases of necessity. And therefore, they act contrary to the law of the Church regulating the reception of the Sacraments. The grace of the sacrament of baptism is revived (“reviviscitur”) with a minimum of regret, and possibly attrition, or simply by a way of perfect contrition. But the joy of the sacrament of baptism remains forever.

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