A Daily Prayer for Your Priest you need to know.

Lord Jesus, you have chosen your clergymen from among us and sent them out to declare your word and act in your name.

For so nice a gift to your Church, we tend to offer you praise and thanksgiving, we tend to praise you to fill them with the fire of your love, that their ministry will always reveal your presence in the Church.

Since they are made of man, we ask that your power will shine out through their weakness. In their pains, do not allow them to be crushed; in their doubts, do not allow them to despair; in temptation, do not allow them to be destroyed; in abuse, do not allow them to be abandoned.

Inspire them through prayer to measure daily the mystery of your dying and resurrection.
In times of weakness, send your Spirit, and facilitate them to praise your heavenly Father and pray for the sinners. By constant Holy Ghost place your word on their mouths and your love in their hearts, to bring excellent news to the poor and healing to the depressed.

And may the gift of Mary, your Mother, to the apostle whom you liked, be your gift to each priest.
Grant that she who bore you in her human nature may bear them in your Divine nature, by the power of your Spirit, to the glory of God the Father. Amen.

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