6 Most Disheartening Situations hurting the Catholic Church Around the World

Throughout History to these recent times, the Catholic Church has suffered seriously from lots of challenges resulting from economic, social, political, religious, and psychological factors. These prevailing issues should be minimized to strengthen the growth of the Church around the world.

Criticism from the Social Media

In recent times, the use of social media has rapidly grown and would continue to increase. That is a good thing but, its daily use has unfortunately exceeded even the use of the Holy Bible. In fact, it has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives and instead of using it to evangelize, some use it to criticize the government, and sadly, the Church.

With regards to that, it is quite clear to why in 2018, Pope Francis chose the theme for the world’s communication day 2018: “The truth will set you free: fake news and journalism for peace”. Instead of misusing this gift of innovation, it is our responsibility as Catholics to bring the Lord’s teachings into what Pope Benedict XVI called the “Digital Content” (USCCB, 2014, p.2).

As suggested by Archbishop Socrates, President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, youths should use the social media in evangelization.

Gay Marriage

In the Catholic Church, marriage is one of the seven Sacraments. The Catholic Church opposes Gay Marriage. As regards to this, the United State Bishops requested for an amendment to the constitution to protect the Church’s belief that marriage is to be between one man and one woman, who should be joined as husband and wife.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that a couple receives grace through the Sacrament and as a result, they help each other attain holiness in marriage and also by welcoming children into the marriage and educating them in faith.

This is in line with God’s instructions.  But how can we multiply just as the Lord asked us to if gay marriage is practiced?

Sex Abuse Scandals

Since 2002, the sex abuse scandal has been prevalent in the Catholic Church when reports of pedophilia by Priests and resulting cover-ups by their parishes in Boston were brought to light.

Research shows that over 30 percent of the U.S. survey participants designated these scandals to be the most important challenge that the Church faces. Pope Francis made dealing with these scandals a priority and stated that fighting this abuse is highly important for the growth and credibility of the Church. During the Vatican Sex Abuse Summit held on February 2019, Pope Francis outlined eight (8) points which the Church will focus on her “all-out-battle” against the sexual abuse of minors.

The kidnapping of Catholic Clerics

kidnapping has been a very sad phenomenon across the globe. This is disheartening and should be looked into.

Lack Of Evangelization

According to the Archbishop of Washington, another challenge faced with the Catholic Church is the fact that the young people are poorly catechized. This challenge is how to reintroduce the concept of the continuity of Jesus Christ and the Church to younger generations who feel that they have already learned everything and have nothing else to learn. To introduce this concept, the Church needs to teach the fundamentals of the Christian Faith.


Most social vices are as a result of unemployment, and an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Due to the increasing rate of unemployment, human trafficking, rape, drug abuse, robbery, theft, kidnapping, fake news, hate speech and all other forms of evil have enveloped the world.

We must be mindful of these; Help the Church to Grow.

What other issue do you think hurts the Church? We would love to hear your opinions.  Drop your comment(s).

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