7 Inspiring Quotes from Saint Pope Paul VI for this Christmas Season

Pope Paul VI was arguably the most perceptive and visionary popes of the modern era. He took note of the rise of secularism and prophesied the negative implications it would have on family and the human soul.

If you’re searching for a saint to draw close to with all the tribulation in the world and in the Church today, look no further than Pope Paul VI. Rather even peaceful seasons like Advent and Christmas fill you with stress or dread. Pope Paul VI’s words of wisdom about joy and the human person can assist you through this season.

If you don’t understand much about this visionary, pick up a copy of “Saint Pope Paul VI” by Matthew Bunson. Within its pages, you’ll be introduced to one of the Church’s newest saints!

Pope Paul VI spoke on many subjects, but here are some quotes from the 262nd pope of the Catholic Church to help you celebrate this Christmas season!

1. Christ among us 

“In as much as he was the Son of God, Jesus Christ desired for the sake of our redemption to become one of us. He shared our human condition, making himself part of the world of his time, speaking the language of his country, and drawing on local life for the examples with which to portray his teachings of justice, truth, hope, and love. Today, his teaching spreads throughout the world.”

2. Mary’s Christmas joy 

“With Christ, she sums up in herself all joys; she lives the perfect joy ensured the Church: Mater plena sanctae laetitiae. And it is with great purpose that her children on earth, turning to her who is the mother of hope and grace, invoke her as the source of their joy.”

3. No one is excluded from joy 

“No one is excluded from the joy brought by the Lord. The great joy announced by the angels on Christmas night is truly for all people, both for the people of Israel then eagerly awaiting a Savior, and for the numberless people made up of all those who, in time to come, would receive its message and work hard to live by it.”

4. The real gift of honour 

“But it is not just ok to feed the hungry. Every man must also be assured a life is keeping with his dignity.”

5. The need for peace 

“Is peace possible? Yes it is. It must be. But let us be truthful: Peace, as we have already said, is a duty and is possible, but it is so only with the concourse of many and not simple conditions. we are aware that to explain the condition for peace is a very long and very hard task.”

6. Loving others well

“The Holy Spirit also gives you the grace to find out the image of the Lord in the hearts of men and instructs you to love them as brothers and sisters. Again, He assists you to see the manifestations of His love in events. If we are humbly attentive to men and things, the Spirit of Jesus enlightens us and blesses us with His wisdom, as long as we are imbued with the spirit of prayer.”

7. Christ within us 

“He lived among us, full of grace and truth. He declared and build up the Kingdom of God and made us know in Himself the Father.”

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