5 Ways Mary Can Help You Have A Wonderful New Year

As we have started a beautiful 2019. You might be feeling optimistic, excited, or even a little anxious — after all, who understands what God has in store for us in 2019? Yet, as we face whatever new issues lie ahead, we can learn to lean a little more on Mary, the Mother of God. As our heavenly mother, she can gently guide us to a more peaceful and accomplishing life and assist us to have the courage to face issues and the grace to appreciate what we have.

1) Call On Her For Protection:

If you’re passing through sleepless nights why not look to Mary for some motherly soothing? In as much as turning to Mary might be part of your everyday prayer, why not offer up a Hail Mary before you go to bed to ask her to comfort you during the night? By praying the rosary, we’re honoring her as our beloved heavenly parent.

2) Be Willing To Sacrifice Your Own Needs

We always hear about parents needing “me time.” But when you’re tired and desperate to recharge your batteries, think of Mary, who sacrificed her own plans and dreams to put the needs of God and her son first.

3) Accomplish Your Civic Duty

Whether it’s making the effort to vote or filing taxes, oftentimes we balk at our civic duties. Mary ensured she was present for the population in Bethlehem, even if it meant an exhausting journey on a donkey while heavily pregnant. Mary followed the precepts and laws of her time, so by being a good citizen, we’re following her example.

4) Be Available For Others In Need

Most times, We shy away from assisting those in need because it can make us feel uncomfortable. Mary faced many difficult situations. She made haste to help her pregnant older cousin, Elizabeth. She went through the agony of watching her son been crucified. If we’re present and attentive to those in need we’re imitating one of Mary’s finest qualities.

5) Keep Calm Under Pressure

When life seems out of control we become anxious, but we can look for serenity by following Mary’s example. Being the “highly favored one” came with a lot of responsibility and stressors. Mary had no idea what Joseph, betrothed, would say to the idea of her conceiving the Son of God. Yet she remained calm and humble.

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