5 Reasons Why You Should Study More About St. Augustine

St. Augustine walks in the panoply of the greatest saints in the church. Saints like Thomas Aquinas, Benedict, and obviously the Blessed Mother. His impact stays even 1600 years after his demise and doesn’t appear to fade at all.

Aurelius Augustinus was conceived in Thagaste in AD 354. After an adolescent brimming with productive immature interests and very nearly two decades as a Manichean, he changed over to Catholicism and was sanctified through water by St. Ambrose in 387. His celebrated transformation story is retold in his Confessions. In 391, he was appointed a minister and by 396 was made religious administrator of Hippo Regius in current Algeria.

Augustine’s individual and identity are obvious all through his works and his bits of knowledge.

Here are 5 Reasons You Should Study St. Augustine.

1. He was a productive author

He wrote many letters which uptill date people read to get inspiration. His lessons are amazing. Any individual who needs to sharpen their composition aptitudes needs to invest energy in the works of St. Augustine.

2. He wrote one of the best transformational stories ever

Any individual who adores stories ought to be comfortable with the transformation of St. Augustine. Transformation is a procedure and Augustine realized that. You have the “huge” minute, however consistently after that is a chance to turn towards the Lord in the heart. A consistent metanoia, maybe. As he stated, “Our hearts are anxious till they rest in You.

3. Despite everything he impacted many individuals, 1600 years after his demise

Regardless of where you are in your own life and what your very own history is, Augustine’s letters will inspire you. Indeed, even a couple of minutes with his words will transform you forever.

4. He was an ace speaker

You can’t be a rhetorician or instructor without being a talented speaker. As a religious administrator, he was required to give messages and lessons against the raucousness of the gathering in his house of prayer.

5. He was a dedicated child, minister, religious administrator and worker of Holy Mother Church

Augustine composed messages, treatises, books, letters, and so forth on a wide range of Catholic convictions for an amazing duration. A straightforward see his works bear witness to this reality. He is additionally broadly known to have stated, “As far as it matters for me, I ought not to trust the gospel aside from as moved by the expert of the Catholic Church.”


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