5 Awesome Things About Being A Catholic

Here is a list of “5 Really Awesome Things About Being Catholic.”

1.) Confession

One of the great things about being a Catholic is the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or Confession, as it’s popularly known. Confession is a spiritual powerhouse. It gives an opportunity for us to accept our faults and failures, hear the words of forgiveness, and then set out on a new start. Saying we’re sorry and commencing again – it’s something we all need to do once-in-awhile.

2.) The Rosary

Saint John Paul said that the Rosary “is a prayer of great relevance, destined to bring forth a harvest of holiness,” and indeed it has. A prayer unique to Catholics, the Rosary combines meditation on the lives of Jesus and Mary with the recitation of familiar prayers. Through the centuries the Rosary has strengthened Christians going into battle, brought families together, and comforted devout Catholics in times of crisis. The Rosary – so simple, so powerful, and so Catholic!

3.) Saints

Catholics embrace their saints, as favorite, if sometimes eccentric, members of our spiritual family. We turn to the saints for motivation and we turn to them for assistance. Looking for a lost item? Call St. Anthony. Worried about your sick puppy? St. Francis is there to help. Trying to sell a house? Bury St. Joseph. (And then scarf down a zeppole for good measure.) Any Catholic worthy of the name has a favorite saint or two.

4.) Blessings

“The celebration of blessings holds a privileged place among all the sacramentals of the Church for the pastoral rewards of the people of God.” (The Book of Blessings) In other words, Catholics love their blessings. We bless people, pets, homes, cars, meals, religious items and just about anything else. A blessing doesn’t change the nature of the item. It simply shows that it’s dedicated to a religious purpose. It just makes us feel better.

5.) Music

Catholics have a rich tradition of liturgical music. It begins with the heritage of Gregorian chant, a gift of the Church to the world, and moves on to beloved Catholic hymns that many of us grew up singing – the Salve Regina, “Holy God We Praise thy Name,” Tantum Ergo, “Jesus, My Lord, my God, my All.” Catholic congregations aren’t known to be great singers, but when we do, we have an extensive songbook to select from.


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